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Enjoy a slice of Norfolk history

Enjoy a slice of Norfolk history

The Lodge – an historic inn

Although most guests at The Lodge consider us a contemporary place to eat, drink and stay, the building has an incredible history which dates back to 1542. During the 18th century, Old Hunstanton had a lively history with tales of smugglers which wouldn’t be amiss in a Johnny Depp movie. Used as a private family home and acquired by the Le Strange family, in 1912 Mrs Mercy Gray took charge of The Lodge Hotel which was later used to house British forces during WWI. It seems strange to think of The Lodge today as an historical spot, but next time you enjoy a drink or a bite to eat, just think who might have sat in the same spot in years gone by…


The Old Hunstanton Lighthouse – lighting the way for centuries

An iconic building on the North Norfolk coast, The Old Hunstanton Lighthouse dates back to 1840, replacing a wooden lighthouse which had been built on the town’s cliffs in 1665. Today’s building was built 120 feet above sea level and incorporated two keepers’ cottages and a prison cell in the tower’s basement which was used to hold smugglers before they were transferred to Norwich jail. Although the lighthouse operated until 1922, when it was sold to Le Strange Estate, the building was later used as a private home, a café and most recently as a holiday home which is now available to hire as a self-catering property from our sister company, Norfolk Coast Holiday Cottages.


Hippisley Hut – the man who helped to win the war

Richard John Bayntun Hippisley may not be a name that is widely known but, dispatched to Hunstanton during World War I to establish a listening post, the work of he and fellow officer Edward Clarke intercepting the chatter of German U-boat captains helped guide US forces to clear the Western Approaches in 1917. Hippisley was later credited by one admiral as, “One of the men who really won the war”, and the ‘hut’ which was the bithplace of wireless interception is now a secluded, verandah-fronted family home that is available to book as a self-catering cottage with Norfolk Coast Holiday Cottages.

So, next time you’re in Old Hunstanton, take a minute to consider that you’re standing in a little part of Norfolk’s history.